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The mission of the Keats Glen Architecture Committee is to protect property values and make the neighborhood an enjoyable and safe place in which to live. This can be best accomplished by each Community Association member considering the effect of their actions on their neighbors and through careful and fair implementation/enforcement of the KG Bylaws.


Through the deed restrictions, each member of the CA has entered into a contract with the other members to protect property values, maintain safety and make the Keats Glen community an enjoyable place to reside. Each member is therefore expected to understand and abide by this contract.

In keeping with this effort, the Keats Glen Architecture Committee (in conjunction with the CA Board) will work to review and the guidelines for architectural design, placement of buildings, landscaping, color schemes, exterior finishes and materials and similar features which are recommended for use in Keats Glen.

To achieve these goals, the Keats Glen Architecture Committee will:

• Set standards (rules) for implementation of the restrictions and methods for resolving by-law violations
• Evaluate and act on requests for improvements or variances to the restrictions
• As necessary, impose monetary fines for restriction violations or refer the same to the HOA Board for enforcement actions

Therefore, if you plan on adding onto your home or making any other exterior change(s) you must submit a plan to the Architecture Committee.


The Keats Glen neighborhood consists of homes in very close proximity to each other. Thus any action by a member is very likely to have an effect on their neighbors.

In this light, it is paramount to consider the effect of all requests for improvements in relation to:

• Effect on health & safety of the neighbors and neighborhood
• Effect on property values of the neighbors and neighborhood
• Effect on overall aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood
• Effect on the ability of neighbors to enjoy their properties in a pleasant setting

The Architecture Committee objectively evaluate all requests for improvements or variances in accordance with the Covenants and Bylaws of Keats Glen.

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  • Bruce Berry (Chair)
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